Kylie Minogue’s “Raining Glitter” Is A Return To Dance-Pop

Mike Wass | March 30, 2018 12:18 am
Kylie Minogue's Glittery 'Dancing' Video
The pop icon takes a twirl at a country & western bar in her 'Dancing' video.

After dropping a pair of country-pop anthems (“Dancing” and “Stop Me From Falling”), Kylie Minogue takes it back to the dance floor with the disco-tinged “Raining Glitter.” The song has a wonderfully familiar camp aesthetic, which shouldn’t come as much of surprise given the collaborators. After all, it was co-produced by Mark Taylor (the man behind Cher’s “Believe”) and Eg White. The latter previously worked with the Aussie diva on X highlight, “Cosmic,” so he clearly gets the 49-year-old’s catching optimism.

“Raining glitter down on us tonight, covering us all in magic,” she sings on the instantly-hummable chorus. “Never ever seen them stars so bright, as the look in your eyes.” There are organic flourishes to bring “Raining Glitter” into the Golden soundscape, but this is the most quintessentially Kylie song to emerge to date. It will be interesting to see if this or the equally perky title track is rolled out as the next single. Both are delightful, so I really don’t mind. Listen to Ms. Minogue’s latest below.

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