Insane Or “Framed”? It’s Hard To Tell In Eminem’s Latest Video

Mike Wass | April 3, 2018 2:04 pm
Eminem & Ed Sheeran's 'River' Video
Eminem and Ed Sheeran ruminate on love in their gritty, depressing 'River' video.

Eminem’s gory “Framed” video, which is probably NSFW given the severed heads and various other body parts, is a throwback to big-budget blockbusters of the early ’00s. Directed by James Larese, the clip finds Marshall holed up in his mansion, surrounded by dead bodies. But just when you think the rapper is going through a late serial killer phase, his sanity comes into question. Is this all in his head? The song emphasizes the difference between art and reality (“I know these words are so nutty but I’m just here to entertain”), and this is an extension of that.

As expected, Eminem’s Revival LP debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 (his seventh consecutive chart-topper), but the singles haven’t been massive — at least by his standards. “Walk On Water,” a high-profile collaboration with Beyonce, stalled outside the top 10, while “Nowhere Fast” came and went without charting. The exception has been “River.” Featuring Ed Sheeran, the gloomy track topped the charts in the UK and went top 10 around the world. “Framed” should keep that momentum going. Watch up top and make sure to catch Em’s Coachella sets on April 15 and 22.

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