Sabrina Claudio & Khalid Team Up For Sultry Single “Don’t Let Me Down”

Mike Wass | April 4, 2018 2:34 pm
Sabrina Claudio's Sexy 'All To You'
Rising star Sabrina Claudio returns with seriously sexy bedroom anthem 'All To You.'

Earlier this week, Sabrina Claudio dropped the sizzling “All To You” — her first (non-soundtrack) song of 2018. The 21-year-old makes up for lost time by following it up, almost immediately, with another gem called “Don’t Let Me Down.” While the former is very much in line with the breakout star’s mixtape sound, the latter takes a confident, purposeful step towards something a little more radio-friendly. For starters, it’s the most upbeat song in her budding discography and it features the ever-brilliant Khalid.

“We never had the initial thought of like we need an uptempo because you know I don’t really do uptempo,” Sabrina told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “But it just seemed really natural and I think, melodically, it stays consistent. It still has a soft tone with the more uptempo background and sonics and all that kind of stuff, but it just happened and it became everybody’s new favorite. And I still felt like I was being true to myself when it came to the melodies and the lyrics and all that kind of stuff. I was like this is like something I can see myself doing.”

As for her collaborator? “I think Khalid and I met initially on the internet… but then I met him the first time I think at a festival that we did.” She thought of him when it came to completing her new track. “I had the whole song written but I was like this is missing something… so Khalid came to mind and I just sent him the song over text and I was like, ‘Tell me what you think. Honestly, I hear your voice on this. If you’re willing to jump on it I’d be honored.’ So he came to the studio the next day I think and wrote his verse.”

Listen to the sultry, mellow bop below.

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