John Legend & BloodPop’s “A Good Night” Is A Disco-Tinged Love Song

Mike Nied | April 6, 2018 1:52 am

John Legend joins forces with BloodPop on his anthemic new single, “A Good Night.” Fresh off starring in an Easter adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert for NBC, the 39-year-old wastes no time before taking things to the dance floor. Released today (April 6), his new single is a disco-tinged banger about falling in love. “Your spring bop has arrived,” the crooner announced in a post on Twitter, and he is very likely correct in his prediction. With writing credits from Sasha Sloan and Raye, it sounds like it is going to become a massive hit.

“I had no intention I would get fucked up tonight. When I looked in your eyes and they went through me like a knife,” the crooner announces over hand claps and an aural beat on the opening lines. Despite the surprise buzz, John is anything but disappointed as he moves into the exuberant chorus. “Everything’s gonna be alright. I think I just met my wife. I know it’s gonna be a good night; I think I just met my wife,” he belts with the support of backing vocalists. His voice is velvety and smooth as it bounces along with the track, making for a solid listen from start to finish.

The “All Of Me” hitmaker is no stranger to love songs. But his latest puts a fresh spin on the genre by injecting some liveliness into the mix instead of relying on balladry. BloodPop delivers something fierce on the production front. The “Capital Letters” producer knows his way around a hot beat, and “A Good Night” is very danceable while setting the scene for some sparks between a pair of lovers. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some choreographed routines to the song popping up at weddings, which will only ensure it becomes a breakout hit. Give the track a spin below!

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