Camila Cabello Live Premieres Unreleased Songs Onstage During Her ‘Never Be The Same Tour’

Mike Nied | April 10, 2018 1:41 pm

Camila Cabello kicked off her Never Be The Same Tour last night (April 9) with a performance in Vancouver, and she celebrated the event by showing love to several unreleased tracks. The 21-year-old filled out her setlist with energetic anthems from her self-titled debut LP including lead single “Havana” and fan-favorite bop “Into It.” But she also took the opportunity to shed some light on songs that were left off the album including “Sangria Wine” and “Scar Tissue.” And both of them sound like hits in their own regard.

The former is rumored to feature production from Pharrell Williams and is a searing anthem. Performing in all black, the hitmaker oozed confidence as she effortlessly executed choreography alongside a crew of dancers. The latter previously leaked to the internet and features a writing credit from Charli XCX. Joking that fans were already familiar with the track, Camila encouraged them to sing along over the sparse production. Stripping back the staging to highlight her vocals and band, it was a striking moment.

She also made a heartfelt speech about the inspiration behind writing the song. “I don’t know if guys know this, but scar tissue is the piece of skin that grows back. It grows on top of the skin that has been burned or has been hurt. And it’s the body’s way of healing. And when I wrote this part of the song it felt like I was healing. I just want you to know, that if any of you are going through a tough time or are lost, I just want you to patient and be loving and be brave. And treat yourself like you were your own best friend,” she said. “One day you’re gonna look in the mirror and you’re not only gonna be better for it. But you healed is gonna be better than the you that was unbroken.”

Watch performance footage from “Sangria Wine” below and “Scar Tissue” up top!

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