Adam Lambert Poses For ‘Wonderland,’ Talks New Music & Homophobia

Mike Wass | April 25, 2018 12:47 pm
Adam Lambert To Drop New Music
Adam surprised fans with news that he is releasing new music very soon.

Adam Lambert spent the second half of 2017 touring the world with Queen, but he still found time to get in the studio and record new music. “I think the fans have been waiting long enough, and so have I! I’ve really been trying to explore what I want the sound and subject matter to be,” he tells Wonderland Magazine. “I want it to be authentic and real and something that felt natural for me. Because it’s such a competitive industry, it’s very easy to get lost with producers and songwriters trying to be like ‘this is the trend and this is the sound of the moment’ and all of that’s really cool but it makes you get lost in the game and you lose the heart of what you’re doing.”

“So I’ve been really focussed on trying to stay in my own truth in everything and it’s been going really well because now I feel like everything is coming together,” the 36-year-old continues. “Things are really good. I think this year is gonna be really exciting.” The “Welcome To The Show” singer also opened up about homophobia in the music industry. “I think there definitely was more of an element in the business [back in 2009] but I didn’t find that the people I was dealing with were actually homophobic but I definitely think they were a little bit worried about ‘how are we going to sell this artist to the masses?'”

“A lot of things were taboo and I got some backlash,” Adam remembers. “But now it’s nine years later and I’m seeing different pop acts come up that are so proud about their sexuality and it doesn’t even seem like it’s a big thing anymore! We’re moving to the other side of it, where it’s the way it always should have been.” Check out the pop star’s stylish shoot up top and click here to read the full interview.

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