Heidi Montag Reflects On Her Pop Career: “I Thought It Was Just The Beginning”

Mike Wass | April 25, 2018 1:56 pm
In Defense Of 'Superficial'
Heidi Montag's 2010 album 'Superficial' is a much-loved cult classic.

Heidi Montag flew a little too close to the sun on her very-underrated debut album. Slated upon release, Superficial has since won a loyal cult following — for good reason. The self-funded opus is a snapshot of the late ’00s dance-pop movement, brimming with stone-cold bops like “Look How I’m Doing,” “One More Drink” and “I’ll Do It.” The reality star has been fairly tight-lipped about the album’s failure, but she opens up about the whole experience in a revealing and sympathetic interview with Paper.

“I wanted to be a pop star, I wanted to go on that Britney route. I wanted to be touring,” the 31-year-old begins. “[The album] did cost around $2 million of my money, so I obviously wish I had that money back because that was a lot of money… it was just little by little, it just added up. We would get this producer and then that producer would go to this producer and it was like this winding pathway to get to the right people and we just kept trying, kept finding different people in different ways and then asking around and we would hear a hit.”

The “Body Language” diva puts the album’s failure down to timing and ill will. “I definitely think that when I released the album, pop had come to an end. I think that pop wasn’t as trendy or cool when my album came out,” Heidi muses. “So I feel like even a few years before, my album would have been such a big hit or a few years after. And I had a lot to overcome because people didn’t want to like my music. And they didn’t want to get behind me. So I knew that was a big challenge, but I just thought that the music would speak for itself because you know I had the top producers that produced ‘Toxic’ for Britney Spears.”

Things get surprisingly poignant when The Hills star reflects on the end. “Miss Universe was so fun, I couldn’t comprehend that that would be the only time that I had that performance that it would be my only moment in the spotlight like that,” she remembers. “It was the grand finale and I thought it was just the beginning.” Happily, Heidi is aware that the album eventually found an audience. “It is funny it’s more of an underground pop phenomenon now and there are a lot of people who love it and appreciate it for the music it is, not just for me.”

There’s also a slight chance that Heidi might bless us with a club tour — in a decade or so. “I have thought about doing a gay club tour,” she admits. “I thought it might be fun because that seems to be my audience that loves it the most. I’ve had a lot of tweets about that… but I just think now with Gunner [her son] it’s just unrealistic.” However, there’s still hope. “So maybe in like 10 years I’ll do a club tour.” Watch the full interview below.

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