Kim Petras Is A Fairytale Princess In Her “Heart To Break” Video

Mike Wass | April 26, 2018 12:53 pm
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Kim Petras has already delivered more than her fair share of bops, but the German pop star takes it to the next level on “Heart To Break.” Produced by Cirkut and Dr. Luke, this is arguably the catchiest dance-pop song of 2018. As such, it deserves a flawless video and the rising diva comes through with a special effects-filled opus inspired by Disney classics and dark fairytales. “This is the biggest music video I’ve done,” she tells the Independent. “It has choreography, painted back drops, CGI – it has all that good stuff.”

“My creative director Nick Harwood and I were looking on Twitter, laughing at comments, and noticed somebody said ‘there should be a trans Disney princess movie.’ We totally agreed, and thought about what that would look like if we did it as a music video.” They then researched European folklore. “We informed ourselves about a lot of glass fairy tales, and even found a real story from the 1800s, where there was a king in Europe who was really scared of being made of glass and of breaking.”

That gave them the video’s major plot device. “We just got obsessed with the idea of a princess who is afraid of breaking into a million pieces if she falls in love with somebody. We just fused all of those things together to make the video.” Don’t worry, “Heart To Break” has a happy ending. And it’s very refreshing to see our trans heroine get the man in the end. Watch up top.

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