Phoebe Ryan & Kaskade’s “Almost Back” Is A Delightfully Emo Banger

Mike Wass | April 27, 2018 1:54 am
Phoebe Ryan Interview
We speak to the rising pop star about her second EP, songwriting & Britney.

Phoebe Ryan documented the various stages of a relationship, from the initial thrill to the bitter end, on her 2017 EP, James. It’s a new year, but she’s still very much fixated on matters of the heart on “Almost Back” — a soaring collaboration with the club king Kaskade. There has been some progress, however. The song isn’t about the same guy, for starters. “No, no I’ve moved on from James, fortunately… and also, unfortunately,” she says. “You know what I mean? Like it’s good I’ve moved on but in the grand scheme of things, love still kinda sucks.”

Surprisingly, given her in-demand songwriting skills (Britney Spears nabbed “Man On The Moon” for herself) and the song’s very-Phoebe subject matter, she didn’t write it. “I get demos pitched to me from time to time but I generally don’t like to take songs I don’t write, but something about this one moved me,” the 27-year-old explains. “It made me cry. A lot. But at the same time, it also made me feel so much better. I knew I needed to share that feeling with people because I felt it so intensely.”

It’s the latest in a long list of club features for the “Dark Side” diva. “I think the collaborations I’ve done with EDM groups in the past have been successful because all of the songs tap into melodies and lyrics and emotions that translate across genres,” she says of bangers like “All We Know” and “Now or Never.” “Dance music has an incredible way of amplifying things, and I like to be dramatic as possible, so yes it’s an easy fit.” Not that she has pressed pause on her long-awaited debut album.

“I’m working on my album right now,” Phoebe promises. “Like actually, I am. I feel like I’m always making promises that an album is coming soon, but in this case, it is! And until then, I’ll drop a bop or two to tide things over.” And thank heavens for that. Listen to “Almost Back” below.

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