Kylie Minogue Poses For ‘Vogue Australia,’ Talks ‘Golden’ & Nashville

Mike Wass | April 30, 2018 1:59 pm
Kylie Minogue's 'Golden': Album Review
We dissect Kylie's country-pop reinvention on 2018's very good 'Golden.'

Kylie Minogue celebrates a birthday milestone (she turns 50 on May 28) with a Vogue Australia cover story and glamorous pictorial. She talks about fashion and European hotspots, but the conversation eventually turns to music. For starters, the pop icon reflects on 1997 opus Impossible Princess, before comparing it to this year’s Golden. “I look back at lyrics and I just think: ‘My gee, you weren’t having a good day!'” the enduring hitmaker says. “And I remember the days, some of those lyrics that I just went: ‘Raaa.’ So they were very personal.”

“I think that these songs [on Golden] are probably more accessible,” Kylie continues. “If you speak to anyone else about Nashville, they’ll tell you the same thing: there’s just something there. So I worked with great people and what I took, my takeaway from there, was putting the story in the song.” She also wanted the music to be age appropriate. “I didn’t want any songs that weren’t believable. So even if… that actual thing didn’t happen to me, it’s something that my near-50-year-old self is going to sing and it’s believable.”

“It’s not kind of: ‘See you down the club.’ You know, I’m a bit more wine bar at this stage! I’ll party once in a while, but it’s really once in a while.” The “Dancing” queen is also adamant that it’s not a breakup album. “Initially what I wrote, that cathartic kind of time or being able to work through that stuff, was way more literal, and they just weren’t very good songs. So I’m kind of glad that they didn’t make it, because I don’t want an album about my ex,” Kylie admits.

“And what I think it’s turned out to be is more a kind of stepping back and going, well, what’s my relationship with any life? What does it all mean, and what just happened?” the Aussie legend muses. “God knows it’s not the first break-up for me or the first time I’d thought I got it right but I had not, so it did give me some content. But I’m just glad that it became more about the broader question mark.” Click through photos from the shoot up top and read the full interview here.

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