Lost Hit: Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” Should Have Been A Single

Mike Nied | May 1, 2018 3:30 pm
Everything We Know About Ariana's 4th LP
From collaborators to song titles, here's what we know about Ari's 4th opus.

In this franchise, we highlight album tracks that should have been released as singles.

Ariana Grande confirmed her status as one of pop’s brightest stars with the release of Dangerous Woman in 2016. On the album, the ingenue experimented with new sounds over a series of slickly produced, genre-defying anthems. Although the project’s original lead single, the sassy “Focus,” raced into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, it felt like a rehash of previous hits. As a result, it was left on the cutting room floor in favor of more experimental material such as the LP’s second lead single and title track.

Teaming up with Swedish pop genius Max Martin and a team of innovators, Ari had a surefire hit on her hands. The sensual cut was a critical smash and was guaranteed to find love on the charts upon arrival. Soaring back into the top 10, it effectively kicked off the era and introduced a new side of the “Break Free” singer. After reestablishing herself as creative force, the diminutive hitmaker continued to treat fans to pop excellence with a string of massive singles.

The fan-favored “Into You” landed inside the top 20 and lives on as one of her most beloved releases. Reuniting with Nicki Minaj on “Side To Side” was another win. The sexy cut went top 5 and became the most successful release on the album thanks to a striking visual and massive streaming numbers. However, Ari hit a minor snag with the selection of the Future-assisted “Everyday” as her fourth single.

After easily dominating the charts with her previous releases, the unexpected collaboration failed to pick up as much steam and stalled just outside the top 50 in the US. Although it was still a relatively respectable showing, she could have easily soared much higher had she selected the disco-tinged “Greedy” instead. Another collaboration with Martin, the frenetic cut featured assistance from Savan Koyecha, Alexander Kronlund and Ilya Salmanzadeh, and was destined for big things.

Over an undeniable beat, the pop princess delivered some of her most forward lyrics to date. Flirting with a potential lover, she demanded some physical attention. “Boy, you give me feelings never felt before. I’m making it obvious by knocking at your door,” she teases on the first verse. The production builds under her voice, bubbling over with uncontrollable energy as Ariana moves into the sing-along chorus. “I ain’t talking money, I’m just physically obsessed. And I’m greedy,” she emphatically belts.

The unstoppable bop could have easily dominated the charts had it been released to radio. Drawing comparisons to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s funky, throwback anthem “Uptown Funk,” it seemed destined to replicate the anthem’s meteoric run at the top of the charts. However, it never made it off the album.

Although “Greedy” never saw an official release, it received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was a clear highlight. It also became a standout during the diva’s Dangerous Woman Tour, where she performed the anthem in a rain of dollar bills emblazoned with her face. As we gear up for a new era of music, we can only hope that #AG4 has a song as undeniably fun on its final tracklist. Revisit the track below!

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