So Many Bops! Stream Tove Styrke’s Dreamy ‘Sway’ In Full

Mike Nied | May 4, 2018 1:35 am

Tove Styrke maintains her status as one of pop’s most reliable voices with the unveiling of her album, Sway. Her first LP since 2015’s Kiddo, it arrived today (May 4) and overflows with pop perfection. Comprised of eight tracks including last year’s brilliant bops “Say My Name” and “Mistakes,” the Swede injects a massive amount of personality into the collection. Incorporating elements of mainstream pop with her signature left-of-center productions, she has found a true sweet spot.

Describing the title track as one of the most romantic songs on the LP, Tove opens the project with a dreamy love story. Singing to a potential flame she met in a crowd, she boldly announces her feelings. “Sway with me. Don’t speak, stay with me,” she coos over a sweeping production complete with just the right amount of electronica. Emerging as a highlight on an already hit-filled tracklist, this could easily dominate the charts. However, her happily ever after hits a snag on “On The Low.” It is a breathy number that sees her balancing hopes for a future with her partner’s desire to keep things casual. Floating across the soundscape, it is an eternally relatable listen.

The buoyant “Changed My Mind” remains as catchy as it was in February, and the LP’s new material is equally evocative. On “I Lied” she finds herself falling into the depths of love despite herself. “I’m like really casual. I never get attached, you know. Nuh-uh. I don’t want you like that at all. I just ain’t like that,” she proclaims over a stuttering beat. But she changes her mind on the chorus. “One touch turn into a million. And it just got out of hand. I lied.”

“On A Level” is the second new track on the LP. Here she calls out a lover for doing too much in their relationship. “Keep it on a level. Cause you know you ain’t gotta try,” Tove encourages while looking for some stability. She closes things out with her blindingly good take on Lorde’s “Liability.” The stripped back production highlights her sugary vocals and ends the LP on a high point.

With plans to hit the road alongside Katy Perry on her Witness: The Tour later this month, Tove is going to have a fantastic platform to promote the album across Europe. With any luck, she’ll make it to America for a performance or two before appearing at Ruisrock Festival in July. The Scandinavian pop princess has some seriously brilliant material on her hands, and any of the tracks here could lift her profile to the next level. Give the album a listen below and pick your favorite!

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