Bastille Returns With Shadowy Anthem “Quarter Past Midnight”

Mike Wass | May 10, 2018 2:14 am
Bastille Talks 'Wild World'
We speak to Bastille about their sophomore LP 'Wild World' and fave bonus tracks.

Bastille returns today (May 9) with an ode to night crawlers called “Quarter Past Midnight.” After experimenting with new sounds on 2016’s Wild World, the first taste of the UK band’s third LP is a throwback to the widescreen, hook-filled sound of Bad Blood. “It’s a quarter past midnight as we cut through the city,” Dan Smith begins the song. “The streets are getting restless — good times, bad decisions.” That leads us to the sing-along chorus. “We keep on running, running through a red light like we’re trying to burn the night away.”

What’s it all about? “[It aims] to capture that moment of a night out,” Dan explains. “Some people are gonna go home; for some this is just the beginning. It became about being in someone’s car, driving through the city. I wanted to try and capture that sense of excitement, and that rush.” Bastille’s frontman notes that there is something magical about darkness. “Places that you associate with reality and work are all shut down,” he says. “There’s a parallel universe that exists, and this other set of people who are out and about.”

Listen to “Quarter Past Midnight” below, night owls.

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