Meghan Trainor Talks “Let You Be Right” & “Can’t Dance”: Interview

Mike Wass | May 11, 2018 10:48 am
Meghan Trainor's New Singles
Meghan Trainor returns with dual singles 'Can't Dance' and 'Let You Be Right.'

Meghan Trainor returned to the pop scene yesterday (May 10) with two new singles, “Let You Be Right” and “Can’t Dance.” The instantly catchy tracks find her in full dance diva mode, delivering fun and flirty lyrics over upbeat, retro-tinged production. The pop star pulled a similar trick with “No,” which isn’t a coincidence. “I love that vibe,” she tells me on the phone. “I love those early Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys pop moments and I was trying to bring some of that back.”

It’s fair to say that Meghan well and truly pulled it off. The “No Excuses” diva also explained why she released two singles instead of one (she wants fans to get even more excited for the album) and talked about working with hitmakers J Kash and Andrew Wells. Other topics of conversation include the release date of album number three and her crazy schedule. Find out all you need to know about Meghan’s future hits below.

Why did you go with dual singles this time?

My team and I talked about it, and I just can’t wait any longer to share the songs on this album. I wanted to drop two today instead of one. I wanted the fans to stream them and get all excited for the album. Now they are and I’m so excited.

I know you worked with J Kash before, but Andrew Wells is a new addition to the team.

Andrew Wells, the little unknown! He’s 22 years old and he’s killing it. I’m so proud of him. I love working with him.

How did you know find him?

I was looking for a producer for a long time, someone that I could do the entire body of work. My first session was with J Kash, because I already knew him. I wrote “No,” “Me Too” and a lot of other songs with him. I knew that he was a great songwriter, and he said, “Hey, let’s work with this kid Andrew Wells.” I was like, “Who is he? What has he done?” And he was like, “He’s pretty new.” I thought to myself this is either going to be really bad or really awesome. In our first session, we wrote “Let You Be Right” and we were done in a couple hours. I knew he was the one.

Did you know that was going to be the song as soon as you wrote it?

Oh yeah. We had been hanging out for a minute, and this is Andrew’s favorite song on the whole album. He’s like, “But you should put ‘Let You Be Right’ out.” He’s so happy today.

The songs are so upbeat and fun. Is that reflective of the whole album?

Yeah! It’s fun, dance-y stuff with a little funk. It has an ’80s and ’90s feel. I love those early Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys pop moments and I was trying to bring some of that back. Kind of what I did with “No.” I love that vibe. That was my favorite kind of pop. I want to bring that back to radio and everyone seems to be loving it, which I’m freaking out about.

The “Can’t Dance” artwork is amazing.

Thank you! That was taken at my video shoot for “Let You Be Right.” It’s almost finished. It’s my best video yet. I swear, it’s so pretty and so well done. We have so many great looks that came from my brain and from Pinterest and my team. There’s also a lot of lasers, but that’s all I’ll say.

When is the album coming?

Late summer.

Will we get another single before then?

I’m going to put out one more before it, just to show that there’s even more bops and smashes to come.

One last question. How are you going to juggle this with your TV show?

It’s going to be really interesting! But we’re all excited, my team’s taking care of me and watching my voice. It’s going to be a little tough promoting an album and doing The Four at the same time, but so far the schedule is okay, and I’m going to power through. It should be great.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you!

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