Endless Potential: Stream Charlie Puth’s Eclectic ‘Voicenotes’ LP In Full

Mike Nied | May 11, 2018 2:19 am

Charlie Puth effortlessly avoids the dreaded sophomore slump with his eclectic album, Voicenotes. The 26-year-old unveiled the oft-delayed and self-produced opus today (May 11), and it is overflowing with potential hits. His first release since rolling out Nine Track Mind in 2016, the LP has been described as an opportunity to reclaim creative control. With one listen, it is clear he is operating at new levels of excellence.

Comprised of 13 songs, the multitude of singles and buzz tracks we have already heard allude to just how expansive the project is. Lead single “Attention” and the similarly disco-tinged follow-up “How Long” remain clear standouts on the tracklist. The former stormed the Billboard Hot 100 and broke into the top 5. His most successful solo single to date, it signified a rebirth of sorts. But since then, Charlie has highlighted his range.

He delivered a protest anthem alongside James Taylor on the timely “Change.” Teaming up with Boyz II Men, he showed off his pipes on the soulful ballad “If You Leave Me Now” and took a trip to the ’80s on the defiant opener “The Way I Am.” Finally, Charlie showcased more modern sensibilities by teaming up with the eternally reliable Kehlani on his funk-infused “Done For Me.” Amassing more than 33 million streams on Spotify, the latter is gearing up for another run on the charts.

Impressively, the remainder of the songs on Voicenotes are equally powerful. “LA Girls,” the first new offering, comes three songs in. Over a hip-hop beat, Charlie mourns for a lost lover when faced with the prospect of a new relationship in the city. “There was Nikki, Nicole, Tiffany and Heather. But there’s only room for you in my world,” he realizes on the sing-along chorus.

Bookended by “Attention” and “How Long,” it adds new dimension to the theme of infidelity that permeates the earlier material. Despite his initial heartbreak, the crooner attempts to find someone else on “BOY.” Boasting an airy production, it sees him chasing after a mature lover.

With a writing credit from iconic duo Hall & Oates, “Slow It Down” is another tribute to the ’80s. Featuring distorted vocals and glimmering synths, the track could easily make it as a single. Opening with an earnest production, “Somebody Told Me” morphs into a massive anthem, and “Empty Cups” is a sexy romp complete with a driving beat and some of his breathiest vocals.

Although the LP resonates with energy, there are several more contemplative moments. The hitmaker seeks forgiveness on the sparse anthem “Patience.” The sprawling mid-tempo features some of his most compelling vocals as he begs for one more chance. “I know I’m not what you need. But, baby, I’m gonna be. So please be patient with me.”

Charlie closes out the project with another moment of balladry on the pensive “Through It All.” A true highlight, the track is a soaring testament to his resilience. “I’ve been through it all. Yeah, you won’t see me crying if tomorrow never comes. God knows I’ve been through it all,” he announces over the lush instrumentation.

With plans to hit the road on his Voicenotes Tour this summer, Charlie has plenty of potential hits on the album to extend his reign well through 2018. He took some risks with the new album, and they all pay off. Give the project a listen below and pick your favorite song!

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