Chloe Kohanski Rocks Out On Fiery Debut Single “Come This Far”

Mike Wass | May 21, 2018 4:54 pm
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The Voice doesn’t have the same legacy of producing hitmakers as American Idol or X Factor, but that might change with Chloe Kohanski. The winner of Season 13 drops her debut single today (May 21) and “Come This Far” is a rollicking rock anthem with fiery lyrics and an instantly catchy chorus. “[The song] is for anyone who has faced adversity,” the 24-year-old explained on Instagram. “For anyone who has come from nothing… struggled and fought for their voice to be heard. For anyone who has manifested their own path and created their own destiny.”

“Come This Far is an anthem of power,” she continues. “Of facing hardships head on and achieving your goals but never being satisfied. I believe in the power of positivity. I believe in shaping and molding my life with how hard I work and how far I am willing to go. I want anyone who hears this song to experience two minutes and fifty-seven seconds of bold faced encouragement to achieve every single one of their wildest dreams.” Chloe will perform the song on The Voice tomorrow night. Listen to “Come This Far” below.

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