Louis The Child & Wafia Bring Good Vibes In Their “Better Not” Video: Premiere

Mike Nied | May 23, 2018 10:52 am

Production duo Louis The Child has made waves since launching in 2012. Comprised of Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, they have been releasing music together since meeting at a Madeon concert. In a few short years they have amassed an impressive string of releases, collaborated with the likes of Icona Pop and appeared on the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. Last month they turned their attention to their vibrant new single “Better Not.” A collaboration with Aussie vocalist, Wafia, the anthemic bop is shaping up to be their most successful release to date.

“It’s true love, don’t fake it. You better not. You better not. It’s right here, don’t waste it. You better not. You better not,” Wafia declares on the sing-along chorus. Boasting an incandescent production tailored for the summer months, it is an undeniable earworm. Peaking at the top spot on US iTune’s Electronic Chart and on Hypemachine, it is shaping up to be a massive release. In just over a month the track has amassed nearly 11 million streams on Spotify and is sitting just outside the top 20 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. And the feel-good video will only take things to the next level.

Directed by Matty Peacock, it is one of the group’s most ambitious to date. In it, the duo and their collaborator hit the beach for a joyful day with friends. However, they never make it past the parking lot. Instead, they show off some slick dance moves and put on a show for the traffic driving by behind them. Overflowing with warm colors and a talented crew, it is all but guaranteed to give the track a bump up the charts and bring a smile to viewers’ faces.

We are excited to premiere Louis The Child’s vibrant visual. Watch them in action up top and learn more about the release and plans for the future in an exclusive interview below.

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“Better Not” is such a summery release. Can you talk a bit about the inspiration behind the song?

Freddy: Yeah. I mean it’s kind of inspired by the original Louis The Child sound mixed with kind of ideas for future directions for us to take it. And I feel like it’s a good evolution of the Louis The Child sound and electronic music while still having the signature Louis The Child feel. But at the same time, I feel like we kind of just made it from scratch on a whim. We didn’t have a specific inspiration to take to it, but I feel like that’s a cool way for music to come out sometimes.

Wafia really brings a lot to the table with her performance. How did you get in touch and what was it like working with her?

Robby: We’ve been a fan of her for a while and just kind of made it known to our label and our publishers and everyone that we wanted to work with her and wanted to try to get a date with her. It all just came together really naturally and really quickly. She’s such a good energy. A happy, jolly person. Her vocal performance on the song is fucking awesome. And, she’s just great to work with. Such a fun person to be around and such a great energy.

Freddy: She’s also kind of in the circle of our friends. So that also kind of connected us a bit.

What kind of energy did she bring to the video?

Freddy: I feel like she was just very much herself and seemed very, very comfortable with the video. Especially throughout the whole shoot of it. I know it’s a long video shoot day. But she had good energy throughout the whole thing. I don’t know. She just gave off really happy, good vibes.

Robby: She was just so comfortable. She made me feel comfortable watching the video.

Taking about the video, it seems like it effortlessly captures the feel-good vibe of the song and production. How did you come up with the idea for it?

Freddy: We worked with some dancers for this video and the director. We had these dancers come in and they created this dance for the video. And they taught us the dance moves and me and Robby got a chance to dance and that was really fun. And that added a lot to what created the video. And the director also kind of laid out a plan for the scene-by-scene. But definitely it was meant to be a good vibe. And what I like about it is that it kind of shows off a little bit of talent. A little bit of people out in the world doing what they love. And it’s just kind of fun on the beach with friends and really cool colors. I feel like it’s just an inspiring video and coming from an optimistic, positive place.

Better Not video coming soon @wafiaaa

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It’s super vibrant. It’s very high energy from start to finish. The dancing in particular is super fun. Is this the first time that you guys have incorporated choreography in a video?

Robby: In our video for “Love Is Alive” we incorporated a lot of choreography, but we didn’t dance. This is the first time we have really danced in a video. And we were shown a new style of dance that’s called lite feet. That’s really, really cool. It’s a cool kind of dance coming out of New York. It was really cool to learn a new style of dance and be exposed to that.

Freddy: It definitely made me excited to be dancing in future videos. I want to learn more.

That would be awesome. I was just going to ask. So, do you often feel like you’re learning new things on a set?

Robby: Definitely. It’s always a new puzzle to solve. There are always new lessons. it’s cool to see other people doing creative things at a high level and see their process of doing creative work. To see how a director, you know, directs the whole video and gets that all done.

Freddy: And the whole teamwork.

Robby: There’s similarities between that and putting together a song. It’s cool to see other creative people at a high level doing their creative work.

It sounds like you were in the studio earlier today and you have a performance coming up at Red Rocks.

Robby: Yeah, we’re headlining Red Rocks with Big Wild on Thursday.

That’s awesome! Well, thank you guys so much for chatting with me!

Freddy & Robby: Definitely!

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