Adam Lambert Covers ‘Attitude,’ Talks New Music & Freddie Mercury

Mike Wass | May 23, 2018 2:27 pm
Adam Lambert To Drop New Music
Adam surprised fans with news that he is releasing new music very soon.

Adam Lambert strikes a pose for Attitude magazine and opens up about his long-awaited fourth LP in the cover story. “Obviously Queen really inspired me,” he says of the band he now fronts. “I don’t think this album is genre-specific. I think there are a lot of different influences on it. There’s rock, there’s funk, there’s soul, there’s disco, ’70s singer-songwriter pop and some ’80s flavors, too. That being said, there are a lot of modern influences as well, so it’s sort of a fusion.” Sounds interesting.

Interestingly, the “Ghost Town” hitmaker was asked to comment on Freddie Mercury being closeted. “I don’t know how ‘in the closet’ Freddie actually was,” Adam replies. “I mean it was like another time where it was just taboo to even discuss it in the media. I think it might have been interpreted as him being tongue-in-cheek, but he sort of owned it from the get-go. There were interviews where they were asking if he was gay and he was like, ‘Yeah as a daffodil… gay as a daffodil.'”

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