Premiere: The Driver Era Hit The Club On Their “Preacher Man, Rocky Remix”

Mike Nied | May 25, 2018 9:53 am

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch have a growing hit on their hands with “Preacher Man.” The pair broke from tradition in 2018. After spending the better part of the last decade working alongside their siblings on pristine pop bops as part of R5, they ventured off on their own to explore new musical challenges. Branding themselves The Driver Era, they made a bold debut with the release of their genre-defying single. Embracing a harder edge and a rock-oriented instrumentation, it spoke to their desires to chart a unique sonic direction.

“Hey Mr. Preacher Man, I’ve been playing with a heart like a violin. I’ve been stumbling through the door after 6AM. Fix my soul so I don’t lose a love again,” Ross belts on the anthemic chorus. In just over two months, the single has amassed nearly two million streams on Spotify, and the accompanying video is doing equally well on YouTube. Today (May 25), they are showcasing even more of their versatility with the release of a searing remix.

Assuming the role of DJ, Rocky transforms the release into an electrifying dance floor filler. In his hands it assumes an easy groove that is sure to dazzle. Opening with a driving beat, infectious synths effortlessly fit in around the atmospheric hand-claps and shimmering tambourines from the original production. Things build to a gradual crescendo, creating a beat that is tailored for raising energy levels at any event. The revamped production breathes new life into “Preacher Man” and makes for an engaging listen.

Ross opened up about the duo’s desire to transcend barriers of genre in an exclusive interview earlier this year. “I think it’s kind of exciting when you meld genres and try to create something that’s new and that’s interesting. Especially today, it’s so hard not to make something that’s already been made before.” All things considered, the “Preacher Man, Rocky Remix” is evidence of their ability and a clear example of the magic that occurs in that sweet spot.

We are excited to premiere The Driver Era’s club-ready remix. Give the track a spin below!

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