Kylie Minogue’s “Stop Me From Falling” Gets A Remix From Disco Legend Cerrone

Mike Wass | May 29, 2018 4:43 pm
Kylie Minogue's 'Golden': Album Review
We dissect Kylie's country-pop reinvention on 2018's very good 'Golden.'

Kylie Minogue’s “Stop Me From Falling” has been chopped and changed as much as any pop song in recent memory. There’s the country-leaning original as well as a Latin version featuring Cuban duo Gente De Zona. Now comes the remix package and there’s a little something for everything. The standout has to be Cerrone’s overhaul. The disco legend drags the track straight back to the 1970s with a throbbing bassline and lashings of retro synths. Given her previous collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, the diva’s disco dreams have well and truly come true.

If disco isn’t your preferred genre, there’s an electro-house version from Dutch DJ Joe Stone as well as a more offbeat club cut from UK duo PBR Streetgang. While the remixes are just arriving now, it looks like Kylie has already moved on to “Golden” as her next single. The serene video arrived yesterday to coincide with her 50th birthday and she has already performed it live several times. I’m still hoping “One Last Kiss” or “Live A Little” get the single treatment at some point, but I’ll take what I can get. Listen to the hitmaker’s new remixes below.

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