Charli XCX Goes All In On Her Moody Anthem “5 In The Morning”

Mike Nied | May 31, 2018 9:31 am

Charli XCX goes in on posers and naysayers on her new single, “5 In The Morning.” After descending into sparkling pop and electronica on last year’s brilliant Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 mixtapes, the 25-year-old is switching things up and retuning to the depths of the clubs for the trap-infused anthem. Reuniting with The Invisible Men for the first time since 2014’s “Fancy,” she drops some biting lines over a militaristic beat. “I know your type, think you’re one in a million. Your diamonds are fake, you ain’t golden. I only fuck with the ones who are rare enough,” she chants on the opening lines. Moving into the chorus, she boasts of her own stamina. “I’m going all in. It’s 5 in the morning; I’m busy balling,” she proclaims with utter confidence.

After live premiering the track on Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour, she rolled out an official audio today (May 31). Taking to social media, the “Boys” siren promised that more music was on the way. “I am going to release a lot music this year. and a lot of videos. you’re gonna be so fucking sick of me,” she announced. “5 In The Morning” joins her previously released “Girls.” The collaboration with Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha and Cardi B incited some controversy earlier this month. After artists like Hayley Kiyoko claimed the lyrics were “tone-deaf,” Charli issued a formal apology to Rolling Stone. “I just really want to learn from this situation,” she earnestly told the publication.

Boasting a stand-out production and confident lyrics, Charli’s latest feels like another hit. With any luck, she will be able to conquer the charts and ride through the summer months with a solid anthem on her hands. Give the track a spin below!

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