Kesha’s “Hymn” Video Is A Love Letter To DREAMers

Mike Wass | May 31, 2018 12:34 pm
Kesha's Powerful 'Praying' Video
The pop star returns with powerful ballad 'Praying.' Watch the psychedelic video.

Kesha’s Rainbow era is all about spreading love and light. From the powerful “Praying,” which promotes a message of healing, to feminist anthem, “Woman,” this is pop music with a message. That continues today (May 31) with the release of the pop star’s “Hymn” video. She teams up with United We Dream to raise awareness for the plight faced by DREAMers. “When I attended the Time 100 Gala this past April, I met Cristina Jiménez, co-founder of the largest immigrant youth organization in the country, United We Dream,” the former K$ explains.

“I was so moved by what she and her team are doing to empower immigrant youth in our country,” Kesha continues. “They are working to protect and empower hundreds of thousands of DREAMers who came to this country as children and grew up, studied, and worked in the USA, and now face deportation with the scheduled end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Even though DACA is scheduled to end, United We Dream has continued to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and helps DREAMers apply for protection.”

“I am partnering up with United We Dream to shine a light on the organization, and I wanted to encourage anyone and everyone to donate even just a moment of your time to learn about what’s going on with DACA, donate a dollar if you feel compelled, or simply be open to learning about what’s happening to the people behind the statistics,” she writes. “These are stories of people who are currently having their lives, their dreams and their pursuit of happiness in this free country, taken away from them.”

“At my shows, I dedicate my song ‘Hymn’ to DREAMers because I don’t believe that people who came to this country as children should be punished by potentially having their families torn apart if they haven’t done anything wrong,” the hitmaker explains. “Unfortunately, these young people are immediately at risk of losing their access to higher education, lawful employment, and relief from deportation. As I say in ‘Hymn’, we are all ‘Dreamers searching for the truth,’ and I hope you will stand with me to fight for the DREAMers.”

The hypnotic video, which finds the 31-year-old driving along a dark highway, is striking in its simplicity and brilliant execution. She meets her tribe and they prepare to be whisked away (it wouldn’t be a Kesha video without an alien reference) to a better place. Watch up top and learn more about United We Dream here.

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