Allie X Loses Herself In A Lover’s Embrace On Her Tender “Focus”

Mike Nied | June 1, 2018 12:04 am

Allie X has another winner on her hands with her new single, “Focus.” The hitmaker has been churning out synth-pop masterpieces since 2014’s “Catch” went viral and is seriously due for her commercial breakout moment. Last year she showcased her brilliant sensibilities on her second LP, CollXtion II. The album’s lead single “Paper Love” became a respectable streaming hit on Spotify, and the VERITE-assisted “Casanova” seemed destined to leave a mark on the charts. Today (June 1), she returns to the scene with her latest release, and it is one of her very best yet.

A tender anthem, “Focus” finds Allie in a lover’s embrace as the world turns to ruins. “Keep your eyes on me. There ain’t nobody else. Skies a-crumbling. People calling for help,” she coos over a pulsing beat and aural synths. Moving into the chorus, her feathery voice undulates over the music. “You make me focus. When you love someone the rest just falls away.” Her performance is fraught with emotion, and she effortlessly creates tension over the simple production. One of her gentlest releases to date, it could easily become a breakout moment for the growing star.

2018 is already shaping up to be a strong year for the “Sanctuary” siren. She recently linked up with Hayley Kiyoko on her Expectations Tour. Now, Allie is scheduled to appear at both DC PRIDE on June 8 and LA PRIDE on June 10. In August she will take the stage for the first time at Chicago’s Lollapalooza. She is expected to have writing credits on several songs on Troye Sivan’s forthcoming Bloom including his revealing buzz track “The Good Side.” Hopefully her apocalyptic torch song will earn her even more acclaim. Give “Focus” a listen below!

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