The 1975 Returns With Post-Punk Anthem “Give Yourself A Try”

Mike Wass | May 31, 2018 5:26 pm
The 1975 Covers Sade's 'By Your Side'
The 1975 put a languid spin on Sade's Grammy-nominated 2001 hit.

UK rockers The 1975 return today (May 31) with a new single called “Give Yourself A Try.” It’s something of a change of pace for the Manchester four-piece, swapping the big, bold sound of hit singles “Love Me” and “Somebody Else” for something grittier. “It’s like a punk song — a kind of, post-punk song,” frontman Matthew Healy explained to Zane Lowe in an interview. “What I liked about it was that it still had that kind of inherent prettiness that I think exists in The 1975, so it felt like a really good start, because there’s a lot of tension to the record.”

“A lot of anxiety — health anxiety, social anxiety, whatever it may be that my generation seems to be afflicted with,” he continued. That is certainly reflected in the lyrics. “Getting STDs at 27 really isn’t the vibe,” Matty sings over a whirring guitar and insistent beat. “Jane took her own life at 16, she was a kid who had the box tattooed on her arm.” It sounds like more of statement of intent than a lead single, but it promises big things for The 1975’s third LP, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, one of two albums they have planned.

Watch the “Give Yourself A Try” video below.

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