Tune: Christina Aguilera’s “Like I Do” Is A Self-Assured Delight

Mike Nied | June 7, 2018 1:06 pm

Things are getting serious for Christina Aguilera as the release date for her highly anticipated Liberation approaches. The Lotus legend lit the stage afire at the Billboard Music Awards when she and Demi Lovato performed their empowering “Fall In Line” May 20. The pair symbolically reclaimed their power in the accompanying visual and will hopefully make an appearance on the charts with their promotional push. Today (June 7), the 37-year-old is offering another taste of the LP with the release of her GoldLink-assisted buzz track “Like I Do.”

Following in the footsteps of the hip-hop inspired lead single “Accelerate,” her latest is a vibey mid-tempo. GoldLink opens the song with a searing verse that references some of the pop icon’s biggest hits. “Genie in my bottle. I’m trying to rub on your hips. Ain’t no other man who can talk to you like I did,” he announces over a slick production. Taking center stage, Xtina responds to the rapper’s flirty moves. “Let me make this simple for ya, lay it out on the table for ya. In case you need a little reminder I’ve been doing this way before you. Boy, you already know my story. You were raised in all my glory.”

She gets more serious as she moves into the chorus. Brimming over with confidence she makes her final ruling on a potential relationship: “Can’t play me, boy. I’m out of your league.” Accenting the performance with vocal flourishes, it is a refreshing release that highlights Xtina’s state of mind in 2018. Despite taking some time off from music, she is still very much the feisty diva she was in previous eras. The single also highlights the scope of sounds we can expect when the album arrives June 15. Thus far we have heard the club-ready lead single, “Fall In Line” and the soul-baring balladry of “Twice.” Give “Like I Do” a listen below and see how it measures up to the other tracks.

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