Taylor Bennett Celebrates Pride With Inspiring Single “Be Yourself”

Mike Wass | June 6, 2018 12:55 pm
Chance Sings Frank Ocean
Here's a video of Chance The Rapper singing Frank Ocean in the bathtub.

With Pride month in full swing, there’s an outpouring of new music from LGBTQ+ artists. One of the most important is Taylor Bennett. The bisexual rapper sparks an essential conversation about race and sexuality on new single, “Be Yourself.” But, before tackling larger issues, he preaches self-love. “I wanted to bring a round-table discussion about the insecurities we have,” the younger brother of Chance The Rapper tells Time. “When I say be yourself, I don’t mean be gay, be bi, be lesbian, be queer, be any of that. I mean: know who you are, love your body, love what you do, like what you like — express yourself openly.”

That message comes through loud and clear on “Be Yourself.” The first taste of the rapper’s third EP is a raw and intense, but ultimately uplifting manifesto that lays out Taylor’s journey to self-acceptance. And once you have achieved that goal, you can start making a difference. “There’s many years of anger, confusion and unspoken words for the black community and the LBGTQ community,” Taylor clarifies after explaining the role of the civil rights movement and AIDS epidemic on the existing tension.

“That’s why I wanted to tell this story,” he continues. “There are gay black artists who have publicly announced their sexual orientation, but never a bisexual African American artist who not only wants to speak his own truth, but also use his platform to raise a much larger conversation than likes and clicks to get to the root of the issue.” Read the full interview here and check out Taylor’s timely anthem below.

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