Artist/Producer Petit Biscuit Confirms First North American Tour

Idolator Staff | June 12, 2018 6:36 pm

For most musicians, the climb to greatness is a slow and steady ascent, culminating in a paying job, or for those rare few, world-wide success. However, every once in a while a young individual’s sheer talent has them marching toward international renown when most are just getting started. Such is certainly the case for 18-year-old Petit Biscuit, whose melodious arrangements turned heads long before he finished high school in France.

Now, the music producer (whose real name is Mehdi Benjelloun) is about to embark upon his first-ever North American tour, which he’s headlining. Mehdi sat with Idolator to discuss his rapid rise to the top of the electronic music world and his process when crafting infectious earworms for the masses.

“I think I have a few sides of my personality,” he said when asked about his often-serene and comforting arrangements. “Sometimes I want to make something poetic, harmonic. And sometimes I wanna make something really different so that’s why in my album there’s a few sides… some tracks like ‘Break Up’ was really, not aggressive but something like tribal. And some tracks like ‘Sunset Lover’ and ‘Follow Me’ are actually really poetic.”

In 2015, Petit Biscuit carved out a place for himself among SoundCloud producers with his ethereal opus “Sunset Lover,” which made it all the way to #6 on the French music charts. Mind you, this was when Mehdi was only 15. Since, he has churned out one inviting electronic soundscape after another showcasing a dizzying command of densely layered tracks emanating waves of introspection and optimism. However, he readily admits that he isn’t feeling any pressure to be more commercial simply to sell records.

“I don’t want to make a collaboration only to do a pop song,” he said when discussing the common trend of producers partnering with singers to craft radio-friendly anthems. “It’s not to complete. It’s about making something different. An artist [doesn’t] have to do the same thing every time.”

Perhaps fitting, Mehdi admitted that, these days, much of his songwriting is about traveling, which is a near-constant feature of his life as he introduces audiences to his music all over the globe. “It’s a lot about traveling…I did a lot of shows since the start of my project.”

Petit Biscuit’s North American Tour begins in Detroit on October 18. Click here to see the dates and buy tickets.

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