Becky G Poses For ‘Galore,’ Talks New Albums & Latin Smash “Sin Pijama”

Mike Wass | June 13, 2018 3:05 pm
Becky G's Sexy 'Mayores' Video
Becky G is a sexy scammer in her 'Mayores' video featuring Bad Bunny.

Becky G lands on the cover of Galore’s Fantasy Issue and looks like a dream in the sexy photo shoot. In addition to moonlighting as a supermodel, the 21-year-old also reveals that she’s working on dual albums — one in Spanish and one in English — in the accompanying interview. “Everyone knows I started singing in English,” she says. “When I think of the word crossover, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m doing the crossover, but I am the crossover. The truth is, my entire life I’ve lived one foot in one world and one foot in the other.”

“Now, I can authentically be myself in both worlds,” the “Mayores” hitmaker declares. “It is really exciting because I always say I’m the 200 percent — 100 percent proud to be Latina and 100 percent proud to be American.” How does that translate musically? “The Spanish side… is definitely reggaeton-inspired with pop influence,” she reveals. “There is the English side of me, that is working on music that is just as urban, but a little bit more R&B inspired… [it’s] a little bit reminiscent of the OG Becky from the block.” Sounds good to me!

Becky G also spoke about her rising hit, “Sin Pijama,” which is a fiery collaboration with fellow Latin star Natti Natasha. “I was in a very dark place at the end of my English music,” she admits. “I didn’t really connect to my music and I felt like I wasn’t making music that was really true to who I am. The messages felt like songs that anyone could sing, because they were songs written for other artists that somehow became mine.” That changed when she broadened her musical horizons.

“I feel like I found myself in my Spanish music,” the pop star says. “I found my confidence, my sexy, and my power in my voice. I found me again. I found the woman who wanted to conquer the music industry. I lost myself in my middle teenage years. The 9-year-old Becky is living that dream of hers at 21 years old.” Click through her stunning shoot up top and watch the internet-breaking “Sin Pijama” video below.

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