The Music World Reacts To The Death Of XXXTentacion

Mike Nied | June 19, 2018 1:50 pm
XXXTentacion Shot Dead
The chart-topping rapper was murdered in South Miami, Florida.

The music world is reeling at the news of XXXTentacion’s murder. The controversial rapper was the victim of a drive-by shooting in South Miami, Florida yesterday (June 18) and died shortly after in hospital after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. In the hours since his death was confirmed by authorities, many former collaborators and fellow artists have taken to social media to respond.

Noah Cyrus, who worked with the rapper on last year’s “Again,” took to Instagram to process the loss. “I dont know what to say… I’m sorry. And we’ll miss you doesn’t cut it. No one deserves to go this young. I found a friend in you, someone with no judgement. Someone who understood what being judged felt like. You were someone who was trying to better themselves,” she wrote. Miley Cyrus took to Twitter to share one of his songs but has since taken the post down.

Travis Barker shared a similar sentiment. “I’m at a loss for words… speechless #RIPXXXTentacion Loved collaborating with you. You were a true artist, one of the most fucking talented of our time.” Meanwhile Diplo posted a photo and thanked the hitmaker for being an inspiration. “The two leaders of this entire wave of hip hop are dead now,” he added in a second tweet.

Jidenna recognized the rapper’s controversial past in a series of posts. “For those who are so woke that their compassion is asleep, remember this…if Malcolm X was killed at the age of 20, he would have died an abuser, a thief, an addict, and a narrow-minded depressed & violent criminal,” he wrote. However, he turned the attention to victims of assault. “As I’m watching people make @xxxtentacion a martyr, I pray that we recognize the women enduring sexual assault & domestic abuse around the world. They are the true martyrs & heroes.”

Fellow rappers including Kanye West, Big Sean and Jaden Smith recognized the impact XXXTentacion had on the industry. “I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing,” Kanye wrote. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea took to social media to call out fans reveling at news of his death. “I’m not overlooking any of the things women accused him of doing; But I’m genuinely saddened by xxxtentacions passing because it was so unnecessary,” she wrote. “To see people celebrating his death is just another example of that ‘troll’ mentality that’s rewarded and encouraged to our own detriment.”

i dont know what to say… im sorry. and we’ll miss you doesnt cut it. no one deserves to go this young. i found a friend in you, someone with no judgement. someone who understood what being judged felt like. you were someone who was trying to better themselves. your art made such an impact on peoples lives… including mine. i am so lucky to have called you a friend and to have a beautiful song with your voice, name and lyrics in it. at this point i feel as if im at a loss for words and nothing i say will do your justice. im so sorry this had to happen to you. im so sorry someone took you from your family at such a young age. im grateful to have known you the short amount of time i did. im grateful for every bit of advice you gave me. i will hold it with me forever. you are so wise. my love goes out to your mom and everyone who was close to you and got to know you more than any of us. i am envious they got to know your beautiful heart. rest peacefully. please respect him, his family and friends and stop supporting all of these nasty TMZ reports. give them privacy and respect. please.

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