Tiffany Young’s “Over My Skin” Is A Retro R&B-Infused Gem

Mike Wass | June 28, 2018 2:13 pm
Tiffany's flawless 'I Just Wanna Dance'
Hungry for K-Pop? Look no further than Tiffany Young's 'I Just Wanna Dance.'

K-Pop fans are already very familiar with Tiffany Young, both from her stint in Girls’ Generation and impeccable solo single “I Just Wanna Dance,” but she’s about to find a whole new audience. The hitmaker rolls out her first single aimed squarely at the American market and it’s a sexy, summery bop. Produced by The Far East Movement and Khwezi, “Over My Skin” is shaped by the diva’s love of Y2K pop and R&B. “I was thinking more about how can I bring what I am as a K-Pop artist, but also bring in the elements of pop that I love and grew up with,” she tells Rolling Stone.

Tiffany lists Pharrell, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland as major influences. “That music is still amazing to this day,” the 28-year-old continues. “I just wanted to bring both worlds together.” What about those racy lyrics? “I feel liberated, like I’m finally stepping into my own superpowers!” she says. “My favorite line is ‘do nasty things and you don’t judge me’ because I think every woman feels that way and there is nothing wrong with it.” Listen to Tiffany’s catchy new single below.

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