Alessia Cara Celebrates Her Birthday By Sharing “A Little More”

Mike Wass | July 11, 2018 4:38 pm
Alessia's 'Growing Pains'
Alessia Cara returns with 'Growing Pains,' the first taste of her sophomore LP.

Alessia Cara celebrates her 22nd birthday by sharing a love song called “A Little More.” Self-penned and self-produced, this stripped-back gem finds the Canadian deep in her feelings. “There you are with your college friends, you played in their marching band,” she muses over strummed guitar. “I can’t help but wish I knew you then.” The hitmaker then lays her heart bare on the chorus. “I’m sorry that I’ve been emotions galore, am I crazy for wanting a little bit more? A little more of you.”

“A Little More” is the second taste of Alessia’s much-anticipated sophomore LP, The Pains Of Growing, and while this is merely a buzz track, I prefer it to the lead single. Not that there’s anything wrong with “Growing Pains.” The slick, Pop & Oak-produced anthem is a typically intelligent pop song with something to say about rocky road to adulthood, but there’s something effortless, authentic and engaging about this little ballad. Watch the video, which the birthday girl composed from home movies, below.

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