The Unheard Stories Of The Ramones Will Leave You Bewildered

Burtland Dixon | July 17, 2018 1:07 pm

If you know anything about The Ramones, then you are aware they defined garage-rock-based punk of the ’70s. With hits like “Sheena is a Punk Rocker,” they were influenced by classic bands including The Who, and cultures like the greasers. Their high energy was a huge part of their movement. The band’s impact is undeniable, but what’s even more intriguing are the behind the scenes moments of their lives. The Ramones played off many of the wild scenarios they were involved in, to the point where even die-hard fans weren’t aware of all that happened with the group.

The Theft Of A Lover

The Ramones_034

Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

If there’s one thing a man should never mess with, it’s another guy’s woman. It’s just an unspoken law of society that men break reasonably often. If you don’t believe us, ask Joey Ramone. Joey was a romantic and the sweetest member of the band. That left Johnny as the cruelest in the group.

The two weren’t that great of friends from the start. Joey met Linda Danielle at a show, and eventually, she came on tour with the band. Soon, Johnny made a move, and the two ended up married. The two bandmates hardly spoke for 15 out of 22 years the group was together. Marky told Johnny to make peace with Joey when he was dying to which he replied, “He’s not my friend.”