Allie X Documents Her LA Experience On Mini-Album ‘Super Sunset’

Mike Wass | July 17, 2018 5:23 pm
Allie X's 'Not So Bad In LA'
The kooky pop star drops a suitably twisted tribute to the City Of Angels.

Given the delightfully twisted electro-pop of CollXtions I and II, Allie X’s Super Sunset is destined to be one of 2018’s essential pop offerings. The Canadian singer/songwriter introduced the mini-album with a video teaser, which finds her dressed as a nun. “Hello darling, welcome to the world of Super Sunset — a Hollywood movie starring me,” she declares in the grainy, ’80s VHS-inspired visual. “Four years ago, I moved to Los Angeles and my life was forever altered. This record chronicles the ups and downs of living in the City Of Angels, the magic of falling in love and the utter madness one feels trying to make it.”

The project, which is expected to arrive in fall, will include buzz tracks “Focus” and “Not So Bad In LA.” A new song will be rolled out each month and be accompanied by a new character or persona. “One is a nun and she represents the purity of art, the spirituality/authenticity of being an artist you could say,” Allie explains in the press release. “Then there’s the Hollywood starlet: she obviously represents the Hollywood dream, the glamour of this city and also all of the confusion and sadness that comes with it, but she’s always camera-ready. Then there’s sci-fi girl. She’s usually got a neon bowl cut. She embodies the Allie X persona, I think. The person that I have shown myself to the world as, how I’ve used my quirks as a protective layer.”

Watch the “Paper Love” singer’s offbeat promo video, and revisit the first two songs from AX3, below.

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