The Descendants Of The Wildest Rock Stars Look Like What?!

Burtland Dixon | July 20, 2018 3:23 pm

When you make it to the top as a rock star, there’s nothing anyone can tell you. The fame of some rock stars is so monumental; we forget that they have regular lives too. That includes raising a family. Have you ever wondered what the offspring of legendary rocker Ringo Starr look like? They might not receive the same amount of attention, but they are around. Take a gander at the descendants of history’s wildest rock stars.

Sean Lennon Inherited His Father’s Looks And Talent

The Beatles are as legendary as bands come. The same goes for their vocalist, guitarist, and key player John Lennon. Due to his untimely and unfortunate death, he wasn’t able to witness his son Sean Lennon grow into his twin.

Ben Gabbe/Contributor/Keystone-France/Contributor
Ben Gabbe/Contributor/Keystone-France/Contributor

Sean looks freakishly identical to his father. He even has the musical skills his dad possessed. Sean’s influences are closer to rock and indie than The Beatles. Some of his collaborations include The Strokes and Mark Ronson. Sean went to kindergarten in Tokyo, elementary through high school in Switzerland, and went to Columbia University, before he dropped out to play music.