Robyn’s Comeback Single Is Reportedly Called “Missing U”

Mike Wass | July 24, 2018 5:34 pm
A Robyn Album Update
The good news? The Swede's followup to 2010's seminal 'Body Talk' is coming.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! After an eight-year gap between albums, it looks like Robyn is finally ready to roll out the followup to 2010’s seminal Body Talk. In fact, the lead single could drop next week. A track called “Missing U” popped up on a music download site earlier today (July 24) along with the cover art and prospective August 1 release date. That information was subsequently taken down, but nothing is ever completely removed from the internet and the news soon started circulating on social media.

The timing makes sense. The Swedish pop star confirmed that she is releasing a new album this year in a Q&A with producer Kindness at the Red Bull Music Festival in New York in May. “The whole process of making this album has been very, very different from anything I’ve done before,” the 39-year-old revealed. “It’s not finished yet, but it’s almost there… I felt very raw when I started making this album.” The much-missed hitmaker also opened up about the recording process. “No filters and I started it on my own in my studio listening to music I love, dancing and making beats.”

Check out the potential cover of Robyn’s new single below. 2018 is finally looking up!

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