Camila Cabello Lends Her Voice To A Remix Of Bazzi’s “Beautiful”

Mike Nied | August 2, 2018 1:07 pm

Bazzi landed a major hit with last year’s “Mine.” The dreamy anthem has proven to be a streaming giant. It amassed an impressive 380 million streams on Spotify, which helped propel it up the Billboard Hot 100. After peaking at the number 11 spot, it is still sitting just outside the Top 20. And he is likely to replicate the feat with his current single, “Beautiful,” thanks to a new remix featuring Camila Cabello. The pair recently linked up on the “Havana” siren’s Never Be The Same Tour, and they decided to get together on a track. After teasing the reworked single earlier this week, it arrived today (August 2). It seems safe to say that this will be another massive hit.

Unlike the diva’s Kane Brown-assisted remix of “Never Be The Same,” which simply turned the existing song into a duet, she contributed a new verse to the track. “Oh my god, where did the time go? I wished the hours would go slow. How is it 6 AM? Your touch is heaven sent,” she coos to a lover. Her signature vocals sound perfectly at home over the dreamy production, and her contribution blends nicely with the original message. “I thank god and my lucky stars. Darling, don’t you know what you are,” she adds before sharing duties on the chorus with her collaborator.

During an interview with Zane Lowe, Bazzi opened up about his decision to work with Camila. “This is, you know, the first collaboration I have put out. I really like Camila; I really believe in her,” he explained. He opened up about why it has taken so long for him to unveil a remix or duet. “I wanted to always feel organic and you know I feel collaborations sometimes don’t feel real. They don’t feel like the two artists collaborated or had any connection and I just, I don’t want to just throw so-and-so on a song because you know it would be helpful. I want to know the person I want and respect them and like them and have some sort of friendship with them.”

Camila also explained why she was drawn to Bazzi, who she has been a fan of since hearing “Mine.” “I feel like it’s like the cool thing right now is to be like hard and cool. Like I felt like ‘Mine’ was the only song that I was hearing that was you know kind of like blowing up and was just super vulnerable in what it was saying,” she said. It looks like this may not be the only new music we will hear from her. Even though the 21-year-old has been balancing two tours for the last few months, she revealed that she has been recording new material and shared what has been inspiring her in the studio.

“I love love songs right now. I love feeling. I love emotion. I love pinks and reds and deep colors. I love passion and emotion, right now. I’ve been listening to a lot of old music. I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I love anything that just makes me feel right now.” This definitely carries over onto “Beautiful.” With any luck, the remix will help the pair soar up the charts. Give the reworked track a spin below!

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