More New Music? Christina Aguilera Teases A New Album, Mentions ‘Liberation’ Left-Overs

Mike Nied | August 2, 2018 6:38 pm

It may have taken Christina Aguilera six years to release Liberation, but she promised that won’t happen again. During an online Q&A with fans, the pop icon opened up about a variety of topics. She revealed her son Max has the voice to consider a career in music (as evidenced by his cameo on Xtina’s timeless “Vanity”), shared her favorite horror movie(s) (the Halloween franchise) and transformed a couple of her classic songs into porn titles (justice for “The Boys Within”). But, more importantly, the living legend also revealed some facts about new music. Chiefly, it is clear she has plans to introduce fans to some of the material that was left on the cutting room floor while creating her new LP.

When a fan asked the 37-year-old how many songs she recorded for the project, she dropped a couple of juicy details. “Quite a few actually— I had recorded a lot more & you may see them pop up on tour, on my socials, or even on a follow-up album,” she teased. Then, in all caps, she promised not to take as long to record her next opus. Expanding on her answer, the “Your Body” hitmaker provided a bit more information about why her oft-delayed labor of love took so long to record.

“Part of the reason behind #Liberation taking that long was a start and stop process with having my daughter & my schedule with The Voice, which is no longer happening,” she explained. Luckily, she is in a creative frame of mind and has rediscovered the voice within. “I am very inspired with the new direction I’m going.” It seems safe to assume some of her best left-overs will make it on the setlist for her forthcoming tour. Although she refused to confirm plans for a Bionic tribute, she promised to include new and old hits. “You’ll definitely hear elements of past & present on this tour.”

Although Xtina hopped on stage for a handful of performances around her release date, she has been pretty quiet about any additional promotional appearances. However, the siren vowed she was not done promoting the compilation. She just has plans to do things her own way. “I’m going to be giving you guys some performances of #Liberation material in my own way.” Reiterating claims she doesn’t care about sales numbers, the diva promised she was working for a different reason. “I’ve had extreme commercial success in my career & I am grateful, but I am not a number chaser— I’m a truth seeker, and to me my art will always speak for itself outside of the noise.” An iconic response from one of pop’s reigning princesses. Check out some of her best answers below!

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