Becky G Dazzles The Late Night Scene In Her “Cuando Te Besé” Video

Mike Nied | August 3, 2018 12:44 pm

The Latin-pop princess is back at it. Becky G established herself as one of the hottest young voices on the scene with the release of her Bad Bunny-assisted “Mayores” last year. After the accompanying video amassed an impressive 1.2 billion streams, she hit the number 3 spot on Billboard’s US Latin chart and cracked the Hot 100. She found similar success linking up with Natti Natasha on “Sin Pijama” earlier this year. Landing another mega-viral video (this one has been viewed 621 million times since April), she climbed both charts again. Last month the 21-year-old dropped an English-language party anthem called “Zooted.” It is performing respectably, but she has another serious win on her hands with her newest release, “Cuando Te Besé.” Linking up with Argentinian rapper Paulo Londra on the track (the title translates to “When I Kissed You”), she has another Spanish-language bop.

It looks like she will land another viral video as well. The Paloma Valencia-directed release dropped last night (August 2), and it has already been viewed nearly 3.75 million times. In it, she delivers endlessly dazzling looks at a party in an abandoned warehouse. Surrounded by vintage cars and under some shining neon lights, the chic hitmaker attracts a lot of attention upon her arrival. It is a relatively simple affair, but there are some truly gorgeous shots. And, dripping in confidence, Becky is the star of every scene. It provides even more evidence that she is truly One To Watch in the coming months. Ending when the police arrive (a recurring theme based on her last two videos), the night concludes with everyone scattering in different directions.

In an interview with Galore last month, she revealed that she has plans to drop both an English and Spanish album in the near future. She opened up about what to expect with her English project. “There is the English side of me, that is working on music that is just as urban, but a little bit more R&B inspired… [it’s] a little bit reminiscent of the OG Becky from the block.” Meanwhile, her Spanish project “is definitely reggaeton-inspired with pop influence.” With two LPs on the way, it is clear we will be hearing plenty from the pop princess in the months to come. As far as I’m concerned, that is a very good thing. Check out her latest release up top and revisit “Zooted” below!

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