From “Something Big” To “Nervous,” We Rank Shawn Mendes’ 14 Music Videos

Mike Nied | August 8, 2018 8:12 am

Shawn Mendes has come a long way since his earliest days on Vine. After turning his attention to original music and making a bold debut in 2014, the breakout superstar has amassed an impressive collection of hits. And he has paired each of his releases with equally memorable music videos. From fronting a parade in “Something Big” to escaping a sinking car in “Mercy,” they offer snapshots of the hitmaker as he has evolved into an international sensation. In honor of his 20th birthday, we revisited all 14 of Shawn’s solo videos (excluding his earliest lyric videos) and ranked them. Take a look and let us know if you agree with our final lineup.

14. “A Little Too Much” – 2015

The striking but incredibly simple black-and-white release sees the hitmaker performing onstage in a theatre.

14. “Aftertaste” – 2015

Sun-dappled and heartrending, the young star and a lover serve serious teen romance vibes in the emotional video.

12. “Ruin” – 2016

As Shawn’s star has shone more brightly, his stages have grown in size. This could not be more evident than here, where he performs in Madison Square Garden. The end result is another black-and-white drama, but this one shows how far he has come.

11. “Life Of The Party” – 2015

Delivering emo looks as he wanders through a party, the youthful star commemorated his breakout hit with a dramatic release that pairs with the previously released (and more viewed) lyric video.

10. “Believe” – 2015

A cute collaboration with Disney, the video highlighted uplifting messages from a youthful generation. In a sense, it feels like a prequel to this year’s Khalid collaboration – “Youth.”

9. “Nervous” – 2018

A faceless lover gets a little handsy in the hitmaker’s latest video. Basking in warm pastels and with Shawn’s cheeky grin, it is hard to deny this more adult but still classy offering.

8. “Never Be Alone” – 2015

A love interest heads out into nature to clear her mind while the hitmaker delivers moody looks and writes her a letter in a well-decorated cabin. What is not to love about the simple but visually stunning treatment?

7. “In My Blood” – 2018

Shawn’s resolute anthem received an arty video earlier this year. In it, he reclines in a beautiful field of flowers after surviving a full-frontal attack from rain, snow, and crashing stones. Easily one of his more conceptual releases, it is both arrestingly beautiful and thought-provoking. We love a deep legend.

6. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” – 2015

Mother Nature ensures that Shawn and Camila Cabello (in her first outing as a solo star) can never get within ten feet of one another in their dramatic collaboration. However troubled their relationship may be, there is no denying that the pair serve some truly glamorous looks as they weather the elements.

5. “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” – 2017

The jet-setting superstar enjoyed a series of international adventures with a romantic partner by his side in the global video. Making pitstops across Paris, Amsterdam, and the UK, they take in all the essential sites between performances. Wanderlust-inducing and adorable, it is another win.

4. “Something Big” – 2014

Riding in on supersized beats and infectious melodies, the rising star fronts a parade and performs his joyful single in his first-ever music video. And even here, his potential is obvious.

3. “Stitches” – 2015

Navigating a parking garage has never been more harrowing. The fresh-faced crooner introduced a darker side on his biggest international release to date, and the gritty video had the same effect.

2. “Mercy” – 2016

Upping the ante from the prior year’s dramatic opus, he escapes from a sinking car and shows off his multi-instrumental abilities in another emotional blockbuster.

1. “Treat You Better” – 2016

Shawn pines after a girl stuck in an abusive relationship in his most-viewed and most plot-driven video of all time. The chilling plot harkens back to the evocative single’s message and sparked a conversation about an under-discussed topic.

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