MØ & Diplo Cast Away In Their “Sun In Our Eyes” Video

Mike Wass | August 8, 2018 12:44 pm
MØ's 'Nostalgia' Video
The Danish pop star shows off her charming hometown in her 'Nostalgia' video.

A bittersweet bop with an instantly catchy chorus, and Diplo’s “Sun In Our Eyes” is perhaps the most slept-on song of the summer. With any luck, the first taste of the Dane’s Forever Neverland album will get a boost from the suitably wistful video. “[It]… shows a gang of people who have chosen to break off from society and create their own world,” she says of the David Helman-directed visual. “Peter Pan and the lost boys — sailing instead of flying — setting out for distant shores in hopes of finding and living out their dreams.”

“Collectively they are rejecting the harsh reality of the lives and the world they used to live in,” MØ adds. “Though ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ is a love song, it circles the subject of being unwilling to accept the truth. You wanna keep riding the high even though you deep down know it might be wrong and that it’s all a self-made illusion. This theme is what the video is inspired by and it is also one of the subjects my forthcoming album.” If the rest of the music is half as good as this, Forever Neverland is going to be one of the year’s best pop offerings.

Watch MØ and Diplo on a boat up top.

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