Untold Stories Behind Some Of Music’s Most Popular Albums

Jackson Sawa | August 7, 2018 1:33 pm

The Original Velvet Underground & Nico Release Had A Hidden Suprise

the velvetundergroundandnico.jpg

Photo Credits: Verve/The Velvet Underground

Although not known to everyone, the original release of 1967 The Velvet Underground & Nico featured the iconic banana designed by Andy Warhol as well as a surprise. While the banana already had intentional phallic imagery, Warhol took it one step further with the first set of the released records. At the top of the banana, he put the invitation “Peel slowly and see.”

The iconic yellow banana was a sticker that revealed a pink-colored fruit beneath the original silk screen design. Lead singer Lou Reed commented on the album cover, saying “The banana actually made it into an erotic art show.” The peelable banana was eventually discontinued because they were too much effort to make, with the originals being worth over $500 each.

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