BROODS Reinvent Themselves On New Single “Peach”

Mike Wass | August 9, 2018 12:28 am
Jarryd James & BROODS' '1000x' Video
Jarryd James and the Kiwi duo go all out in their dramatic '1000x' video.

New label, new sound. BROODS reinvent themselves on “Peach,” a dizzying concoction that somehow blends synth-pop, jangly indie-rock and choral elements. It’s defiantly weird and unusually upbeat for the Kiwi duo. “We both have pretty bad anxiety problems,” Caleb Nott tells the NZ Herald. “[The song] is about just celebrating being good. When you just feel really fine. Not over the top good, or really low.” Sister and bandmate Georgia Nott co-signs that statement. “There are rare moments where you’re just like, ‘Oh, I think I’m content right now.'”

A lot of that inner peace is due to their new record label, Neon Gold. “We were able to do everything that we wanted to do because we didn’t have anyone breathing down our neck, telling us no,” Caleb explains in the same interview. “It was the most freeing experience… there were no rules.” That wasn’t the case with (previous home) Capitol. “I think we wanted to be something different than what they saw us being,” Georgia elaborates. “They signed us to be a huge pop act, and that doesn’t come naturally to us.”

Listen to BROODs’ demented, in the best possible way, new single below. It’s the first taste of their third LP, which is tentatively called Don’t Feed The Pop Monster.

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