Zara Larsson Gives A Refreshingly Honest Update On Sophomore LP

Mike Wass | August 9, 2018 2:34 pm
Zara Larsson's 'So Good': Album Review
Unfortunately, the pop star's debut LP doesn't live up to its title. Our review.

A year has passed since the arrival of Zara Larsson’s debut LP, but the followup to So Good is still nowhere in sight. The Swedish pop star gave a refreshingly honest update on the album’s status in a recent Instagram story. “I’m really anxious about my music because I want it to be perfect for you and I want it to sound like — [smacks lips] — and the production just isn’t there 100 percent and I don’t want to release anything half-assed,” she revealed. The 20-year-old then explained some of the logistical issues.

“I feel like I’ve always been open about wanting to be commercially successful… [but] it’s really hard to schedule a release when you’re not a global superstar,” Zara continued. “I’m not fucking Rihanna.” The “Ain’t My Fault” hitmaker then talked about the weight of expectations. “The more I wait, the more pressure I put on myself and it’s making it harder to release something because now my expectations of myself are so high and I know the other expectations of me are high too,” she confided.

“My worst nightmare isn’t that the radio wont pick it up or that it won’t sell like a million pure copies, it’s the fact that I’m so scared about you guys, my fans, not liking it.” Taking some time to get it right sounds like a great idea to me. The sophomore slump is real and rush-releasing something just for the sake of it is playing with fire.

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