Doja Cat Goes Viral With Catchy Cow Banger “Mooo!”

Mike Wass | August 13, 2018 1:53 pm

If you went online in the last 48 hours, chances are you saw at least a snippet of Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” video. The LA rapper’s ode to cattle went viral over the weekend thanks to the intentionally corny visual and some of the year’s funniest rhymes. “You a calf bitch, you ma daughter,” she spits over a self-produced beat. “I ain’t bothered, get slaughtered.” That takes us to the instantly iconic chorus. “Bitch, I’m a cow. I go mooo!” They better start engraving the 22-year-old’s Grammy.

Doja Cat (obviously) dropped the song for a laugh. “I love that the majority of you guys are healthy and normal and then all of the people who don’t like moo are taking their lives and a song I wrote about cows all too seriously, losing hair over it,” she tweeted. “I like to disappoint woke-hip-hop people.” Her last word on the matter? “Cows are bigger than G O A T S.” The rapper’s debut LP, Amala, dropped in March and is well worth checking out. For now, however, brace yourself for the religious experience that is “Mooo!” (below).

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