Avril Lavigne Shares Pic From The Set Of Her New Music Video

Mike Wass | August 23, 2018 2:34 pm
Avril Is Filming A Music Video
The wait is almost over! Avril Lavigne's new single is only a matter of weeks away.

Things are starting to come together for Avril Lavigne. The Canadian pop/rocker jumped on Twitter over the weekend to let fans know that she is filming a music video and hinted at an imminent release date. “I can’t wait for September,” the 33-year-old teased. The updates continue with multiple videos a picture on set. She doesn’t give too much away. There’s a cute interaction with British director Elliott Lester and some green screen shenanigans. It’s all very cryptic, but I haven’t seen Avril look this excited in a long time.

After all, the “Complicated” queen has been chipping away at album number six for a while now. The hitmaker promised that she was in the homestretch in April, but has been working with new collaborators as recently as June. Happily, it looks like the wait is finally over. So what can we expect from Avril’s new music? “Personal, dear, intimate, dramatic, raw, powerful, strong and unexpected,” is how she described AL6 way back in January. “This record is a true emotional journey.” See the latest updates below.

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