Back To Her Controversial Best: Lady Gaga Posts Nudes On Instagram

Mike Wass | August 28, 2018 2:17 pm
Gaga Evokes 'Fame Monster' In New Shoot
Lady Gaga delighted fans by posting a series of eerie, black-and-white images.

Lady Gaga is back to her controversial best. Mother Monster has upped the ante of late, posting a series of eye-popping pics by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz on her Instagram. It began with a trio of eerie, highly-distorted pics that evoked the horror aesthetic of The Fame Monster. She then kicked it up a notch with a freaky, S&M-themed shoot — complete with a topless pic. We reach peak Gaga today (August 28) with a series of nudes that channel the sleazy chic of Terry Richardson.

What does this all mean? Is the 32-year-old going back to her freaky roots on LG6, or is she just making Instagram a more interesting place? It might take a while before we find out. Lady Gaga will be in full promo mode with A Star Is Born (watch the trailer below) for the next couple of months and is believed to have contributed a bunch of new songs to the soundtrack. There are also whispers of a sequel to Cheek To Cheek, her jazz album with Tony Bennett. Let’s just hope she is also making progress on the followup to Joanne. Click through her latest pics up top.

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