Broods’ “Peach” Video Is A ’70s-Themed Acid Trip

Mike Wass | September 5, 2018 1:41 pm
Broods Is Back With 'Peach'
The Kiwi duo reinvents themselves on 'Peach,' a dizzying, eccentric concoction.

Broods returned in early August with their most ambitious and eccentric single to date. A sprawling pop song that swings between jangly indie-rock and old-school synths with abandon, “Peach” is as euphoric as it is weird. That description also applies to the wacky video, which finds the Kiwi duo on the set of a ’70s talk show. The Sam Kristofski-directed clip begins simply enough with the Nott siblings sitting down for a typically awkward interview, but there’s a surreal twist.

In fact, we free fall into the rabbit hole when Broods takes the stage — complete with ABBA drag and ’70s disco balls — to perform their song. Before you know it, eras are blending with Caleb rocking a very ’80s Billy Idol ensemble. The whole thing then descends into an animated acid trip. The band has certainly come into its own since signing with Neon Gold. It’s like they stopped playing the game and started being themselves. Watch their gloriously demented “Peach” video up top.

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