Azealia Banks Drags Troye Sivan For Mentioning Her On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Mike Nied | September 11, 2018 4:08 pm

Troye Sivan stepped into hot water when he responded to a question about Azealia Banks during a recent interview with Andy Cohen. The 23-year-old stopped by Watch What Happens Live last Friday (September 6) to promote the release of his album, Bloom. During a segment called Plead The Fifth, Cohen asked the “Dance To This” crooner to comment on an apparent feud with the rapper. It all stems from a comment he made in January when asked if there were any rappers he would like to collaborate with. “I mean, I was a huge Azealia Banks fan, but that all went south a little bit,” he said at the time. The original comment did not go over well with Azealia.

She responded by assuring fans she was “not interested nor have I ever been interested” in working with him. That was that, until Andy brought it up again and asked Troye what he would say to the “Anna Wintour” wordsmith if they were stuck in an elevator together. “Honestly, probably nothing. Like we would just like kind of awkwardly ride the elevator together,” he mused. A moment later he changed his stance. “I would just say, like ‘Hey, I love your music,’ ‘cause I do,” he said after admitting that there was a “little thing” between them. Azealia was not amused and took to Twitter (her favorite medium) to reply yesterday (September 10).

”The white gays are obsessed,” she wrote. “Give it a rest already. Honestly… shit is mad annoying.” Over a couple of additional tweets she added fuel to the fire. “How about you turn around and face the corner of the elevator ? Or… how about you get off the elevator so I can ride in peace thank you,” she requested. “Stop trying to act like your above me with that performative “oh it’s not okay to like Azealia but I like her” type shit. Just keep it to yourself please,” she added in another.

It is worth noting that Troye didn’t personally bring Azealia up in his interview with Andy. He also hasn’t responded to her digs online. On the other hand, he did confirm that the album’s title track is “one thousand percent” about bottoming during the same interview. The hitmaker has plenty to celebrate right now. This week it was revealed that Bloom debuted at the number 4 spot on the Billboard 200. He will also kick off his tour with Kim Petras later this month.

Check out Troye’s interview and Azealia’s tweets below!

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