The Album She Was Born To Make: Stream Tori Kelly’s ‘Hiding Place’ In Full

Mike Wass | September 17, 2018 1:44 pm
Tori Kelly Talks 'Hiding Place': Interview
The budding superstar tells us about her gospel album & working with Kirk Franklin.

You don’t have to be a fan of gospel music to appreciate Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place. If you’re looking for an uplifting collection of tunes delivered by one of the best voices in the game, this is the album for you. In many ways, it’s an antidote to the perpetual gloom of 2018 — a fact that isn’t lost on the 25-year-old. “With all the things that are going on in the world, people are confused and all of us are looking for answers,” she recently told Idolator in an interview.

“That’s exactly what these songs do,” Tori elaborated. “They’re honest and they’re asking questions.” That description definitely applies to serotonin-boosting “Help Us To Love” and introspective “Questions.” The tone is never heavy or imploring, however. These songs are here to bolster your spirits. One of the best examples is the joyous, Lecrae-assisted “Masterpiece,” which kicks off the album. The good vibes continue on “Sunday” and the beautiful, stripped-back “Just As Sure,” which features the powerful pipes of Jonathon McReynolds.

The most prominent collaborator on Hiding Place, however, is Kirk Franklin. The gospel legend lends his voice to “Never Alone” and wrote (or co-wrote) every track on the album. He makes sure there’s a flow and poise to the album that takes you on a journey from the first song to the last, the deeply emotional “Soul’s Anthem.” Tori selected this five-minute opus as her personal favorite. “I think it’s a combination of the fact that it is one of my favorite hymns and just so classic and beautifully written, along with it being the last song that we wrote for the album,” she told Idolator.

“The song is just so powerful,” the hitmaker continued. “I cry every time I hear it and I don’t have other songs that do that. It is the only song where I cry every time… I cried on the recording too, you can’t hear it, but at the very end when I stop singing it’s because I’m crying.” Good luck listening to the song without shedding a couple of tears yourself. You can stream the album Tori was born to make below. She will be performing songs from it on The Hiding Place Tour, which kicks off on in Atlanta, Georgia on October 18.

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