Sophomore (AKA Abigail Breslin) Drops Debut Single “Sleepwalking”

Mike Wass | September 19, 2018 4:49 pm
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Abigail Breslin just released her debut single under the moniker Sophomore, and it’s something of a bop. “Sleepwalking” finds the actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Little Miss Sunshine, lamenting a no-good boyfriend over quirky indie-pop beats. Think Owl City meets Japanese Breakfast. “Did too much blow, so you blew it,” she chirps in a verse. “And I’m even worse ’cause I already knew this was just a grenade waiting for the pin to be pulled.” It’s time to find a new man, hun.

The song really comes alive on the deceptively catchy chorus. “Sleepwalking in and out of my life, only to call at the end of the night,” the 22-year-old sings with palpable frustration. “Your nocturnal terms of affection come across as daylight rejection, I don’t know why you never spend the night.” I have no idea if this is a one-off single or the beginning of an on-going side-project, but I would definitely like to hear more from Sophomore. Listen to “Sleepwalking” below.

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